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The “Chosen One”: Businesswoman Cheated of Hard-Earned Cash by “Missionary Scam”


There’ a lot of scams floating around, so be on your guard when someone calls you on the phone and asks you to perform a money transfer.

This 56-year-old businesswoman fell hook, line and sinker for a “missionary scam” and lost S$1000 in the process.

She had received a text message that’s supposedly from a female missionary from England sent to spread the Good Lord’s word in parts of Asia.

However, because “she” had contracted breast cancer, she could no longer perform the work.

“She” needed someone to continue her great cause after her impending death in 2 months, and was willing to leave and inheritance of S$5 million bucks to the chosen one who would be so kind as to carry on her work.

The “Chosen One” just had a simple first task to accomplish – transfer US$700 (about S$1000) to her bank account so she could facilitate the transfer.

The 56-year-old businesswoman bought into the ruse.

Let’s just say she never became an overnight millionaire, but she lost S$1000 to the scammers.

So, don’t succumb to greed and alamak, don’t you find it strange that someone YOU hardly know would know you well enough to leave you a million bucks?



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