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Thieving Mom Helps Son Steal PS4 Games from Hougang Mall Game Store


It’s heart-warming when mother and son team up to score, but not so much when it comes to crime.

This mom, who looks to be about 30 years old, visited a Play-e games store at Hougang Mall on Thursday (16 Nov) at about 7pm.

Then while her son, who appears to be around 6 years old, was browsing game title, Thieving Mom deftly helped herself to a handful of Playstation 4 games.

The store owner discovered the theft after reviewing CCTV footage.

He said:

“This lady with her 5-6 year old son just came into my store at Hougang Mall PLAYe and stole at least 2 pcs of PS4 games. At 28secs into the video, u can clearly see that she put one of the games into her paper bag. The other games were stolen at almost the end of the video.”

The store owner then uploaded the footage online, hoping to identify the thief.

A friend who recognised Thieving Mom managed to put him in contact with the lady.

The matter was resolved after Thieving Mom paid for the ill-gotten games by means of bank transfer.

We hope she got that Playstation 4 console legitimately.



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