Think NUS Lewd Sex Games were Bad? Wait Till You See These Games Other Uni Kids Play!

If you thought that the NUS sexually-charged orientation games which were exposed recently were bad, wait till you take a look at what games kids are playing at Hong Kong universities.

One of the orientation games involves two male students licking the insides of a female students thighs, reportedly as a “forfeit”, while another involves a young ladies putting themselves and their mouths in, well, positions which would be deemed sexually-suggestive.


And of course, there’s that all too familiar, “pass the item using your mouth” game which is common orientation game played locally as well.

Last week, 14 NUS students were punished for their involvement in lewd sexual games played during freshmen orientation.

The students were involved in organising or facilitating the orientation camps for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the students’ union.

The games caused an uproar when what went on behind closed doors were exposed in July.

These include simulated rape, water dunking, and vulgar cheers.


Many criticised the organisers for coming up with games which they deemed were demeaning to women, and a cheap excuse to include sexualised activities.

The games had been going on for years despite complaints, until this latest expose.






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