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This Grace Fu Ridiculed for Saying Table Cleanliness Did Not Drop After Tray Return Scheme

Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, this Grace Fu, has once again put her foot in her mouth.

Wittingly or not, she stated in a written response that “table cleanliness” at coffeeshops has not dropped since the implementation of the tray return scheme.

This was a reply to a question by Sengkang GRC MP Jamus Lim who asked if there had been any reduction in cleanliness standards for tables in coffee shops since the requirement for diners to return their used trays and crockery kicked in.

This Grace Fu replied:

“The rate of feedback received on table cleanliness in coffee shops has decreased.”

This Grace Fu has been overwhelmingly ridiculed across local forums and social media platforms for that statement.

Hundreds of comment have questioned whether the minister really does visit, or even eat at hawker centres as what she says does not match the reality of the situation at hawker centres this Grace Fu to be.

Here are just some of the many hundreds of comments condemning the state of hawker centres after the tray return scheme was implemented, and how out of touch Singaporeans perceive :

“Really?!! My neighbourhood one looks like the birds took over already – become kingdom of the flying rats lor.”

“Haha. Where did she got the information from? The tables has become much more dirty.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Anybody on the ground that visits different coffeeshops and hawker centers REGULARLY can see that there is a significant standard drop.”

Captain Muthu:
“It’s official, they are blind.”

“The cleaniless of tables at hawkers these days are deplorable. it’s dirty, with stains and litters. Even rundown mamak shop in JB has cleaner tables honestly.”

“Shocking some people can still say it’s great. Obviously someone or many ones not doing their jobs despite trays being returned FOR them by Singaporeans.”

“This old hag is hallucinating.”

“From what I see is people return tray but noone clean spillages, etc.So if ask me it is less clean now. I dunnoe how they ask survey and what they smoking. They think we stupid the coffeeshop we go everyday we never see issit?”

“I don’t get what she is smoking. If a large part of the role of cleaners has been done (people clearing their tables), then the standards should improve. Why is she using the same baseline as a basis for comparison? That is illogical. The coffee shops and hawkers should be cleaner, but this is not the case. In fact, it’s dirtier. Statements like her’s are used for justification to fire cleaners. This is terrible.”

“I wonder what’s her source and which if any coffee shops she visited. Or just making up nonsense with such a jlb response because this has the same energy as ‘no one demanded an apology’. IMO she is everything wrong with Ministers nowadays. Fuck what the public thinks or says as long as my pet policies and initiatives don’t go in the history books as failures.”

“Strange. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me when I came back for a visit.”

“It’s very shifty to restrict this to table cleanliness. Ok, table has been cleared, but there’s a huge mess at the tray return place. Maybe there’s tons of bad feedback about the tray return point and pigeons etc, but they don’t fall under the category of table cleanliness.”

“This must be a joke right?”

“Impressed by the excuses. Someone must have informed of visit and cleaners work to clean and sanitise the area.”

“I wonder who is more out of touch with reality right now. The agency that does minimal effort monitoring or the elite lady spotting a mismatching name and hasn’t been on the ground in ages.”

“Just another example of our million dollar ministers living in their ivory towers totally out of touch with what is going on the ground.”

“Spoken like someone who hasn’t eaten at coffee shops/ hawker centres.”

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