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Tiny Store Room for a Bedroom: Maids Call It a Privilege, Share Their Own “Bedrooms”


This maid’s bedroom has been called a “privilege” by maids who say that it least offers the occupant some privacy.

The bedroom, which comprises a mattress slotted halfway below a storage rack packed with boxes, has been hailed as a luxury by maids who have apparently experienced worse.

Commenting on the photo which was shared online, some like Cherry said:

“You’re such a lucky one compared to those sleeping on the sofa, on the floor without mattress, sharing room without privacy.”

(Ed’s note: Maids’ full names have been redacted to protect their privacy)

Another maid, Cloie, also said that she doesn’t even have the privacy of a room to herself.

“For me I’m okay with this small space for my rest time, as long as there is an electric fan inside the room so I’m more comfortable. I don’t have the privacy of a room. I sleep in the study area of our dining table together with the grandchildren of my amah.”

Phoemela, another maid from Singapore, says that this tiny maid’s bedroom is a step-up:

“It’s better than sleeping in the living room sharing 1 mattress with the dog. For me, it’s okay.”

This sentiment was seconded by Kartini:

“That is more comfortable. My friend sleeps at the 23rd-floor balcony.”

However, some maids say that they should be thankful for being given at least a place to rest.

Said Fatima:

“Sometimes we are blessed not only with material things we ask for but having peace of mind. I admire those kind of persons who have positive mindsets, know how to appreciate what they have. There’s a lot of things to be thankful for!

Felice believes that maids should be grateful for what they’re given:

“Sometimes we have to accept the hardest things in life to become the greatest person for our family back home. As long we don’t sleep outside the house, let’s be grateful for what we have.”

According to a recent study by Research Across Borders, 6 in 10 maids in Singapore are exploited by their employers.

Maids in the survey cited bad living conditions, excessive working hours, deduction of salary, and violence.



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