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Tour Bus Runs Over and Crushes Ah Ma’s Foot

Chaos outside The Concourse on Thurs (30 Mar) after a tour bus ran over the foot of a 69 year old ah ma.

One witness who was alerted to the incident said the ah ma was sitting on the ground wailing.

The skin on her right foot looked like it was ripped off and her foot appeared to be broken.

There was a lot of blood and the ah ma was heard saying “I don’t want to live anymore.”

People were seen banging on the door of the tour bus to catch the attention of the driver.

The bus driver came down to check on the ah ma, and promptly moved his vehicle so she could move her foot away.

The ah ma was subsequently sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The driver, who was on his way to pick up tourist from a nearby hotel, said that he did not see the ah ma.

He said that it was drizzling at that time and he made a right turn at the traffic light, then realized that he had injured the ah ma after the pedestrians started banging on the bus.

Police have arrested the driver and investigations are ongoing.

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