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Troublesome Toddler Runs Wild in Car Park and Stomps on Cars

Parents, when you let your kids run wild and free, make sure they don’t turn into little hooligans.

This kid was spotted jumping on the roof of a car, then climbing onto a nearby open-top lorry and playing with construction tools.

A neighbour who took these photos one afternoon said the boy looked to be about 5 years old.

She said she called out to him and told him to quit the nonsense but he wouldn’t listen.

So, worried for his safety, she called the police.

The 53-year-old said this isn’t the first time the kid has been fooling around with cars at the car park unaccompanied by adults.

She said:

“The car park isn’t a safe place for children to play. They could get run over by a car or kidnapped by some stranger.”

Apparently, the boy’s father was around when his kid was stomping on cars, but he didn’t stop the child.

Other residents say they’ve seen the boy and his sister pouring water on people and cats from their flat unit, and that they’re growing impatient with the troublesome toddlers.

The police have brought this case to the Ministry for Social and Family Development for follow-up action.

It’s believed that the boy’s father suffered a stroke recently and his wife became the sole breadwinner for the family.

Since then, the boy and his two siblings have been placed under his grandmother’s care.

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