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Umbrella Uncle who Snaps Photos of Women in Short Skirts Reappears at Merlion Park


After a one-year hiatus, this odd Umbrella Uncle of Merlion Park is back and still up to no good.

He was spotted taking photos of women in short skirts and dresses, with particular attention paid to their legs and feet, every Sunday of the previous month.

An eyewitness, 60-year-old Mr Ding, said that he regularly takes walks at Merlion Park, and noticed the Umbrella Uncle because of his unique blue shirt, blue backpack and blue umbrella get-up.

Wielding a DSLR camera, Umbrella Uncle saw a woman wearing a short dress, snapped multiple photos in quick succession of her legs, then looked around suspiciously before targeting another lady in a short skirt.

Mr Ding said that he first spotted Umbrella Uncle taking photos of women last year and called the police, and spotted the photos on his camera when police officers questioned him.

He said the policemen then instructed Umbrella Uncle to delete the photos and gave him a warning, and he left the scene thereafter.

But it looks like he’s back.

Mr Ding wants to warn the public about Umbrella Uncle as it seems that a police warning isn’t sufficient enough.



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