Updated Oxford Dictionary Includes New Singlish Words like Ang Moh, Lepak and Sabo

It’s official – “ang moh” is now an accepted term in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Looks like we won’t be receiving anymore emails stating that we spelt “Caucasian fella” wrongly anymore.

This comes as the Oxford English Dictionary unveiled its new March 2016 update, adding phrases and words from “Singapore English” into its lexicon.

Other Uniquely Singapore terms that have made the grade include “sabo”, “shiok” and “lepak”.

For those who have been living in some ulu part of Punggol (sorry Punggolians), these are the latest
terms from your native tongue that have been inducted.

And take that, Malaysia, Chilli Crab belongs to US!

Chilli Crab:
Singapore English a dish originating in Singapore but also popular in Malaysia, consisting of crab cooked in a sweet and spicy gravy containing red chillies and tomato.

Ang Moh:
A light-skinned person, esp. of Western origin or descent; a Caucasian.

Slow in understanding; unaware, ignorant, confused. Sometimes reduplicated for emphasis.

The practice of loitering aimlessly or idly; loafing, relaxing, hanging out.

The action of intentionally causing inconvenience, trouble, or harm to others, esp. to gain a personal advantage.

Used to denote a stereotypically stupid, clumsy, or ignorant person.

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