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Uproar Over New Citizen’s “Heart Always Belongs to China” Little Red Book Post

A post on China’s “Instagram”, Little Red Book, has gotten many Singaporeans rankled.

The post, made by a user known as “Singapore – Little Dragon Brother”, shows him holding up a Singapore passport.

“Singapore – Little Dragon Brother” captions the post in Chinese, saying:

“A villager from the farm! Successfully received Singapore citizenship after 4 years!”

Ending the post nationalistically with a China flag, he added:

“Heart always belongs to China.”

The post has not sat well with Singaporeans who have seen it.

Many have condemned “Singapore – Little Dragon Brother” saying that he is disrespectful and only took up citizenship here because of our powerful passport.

Some have even asked called for the Singapore government to rescind his citizenship.

Said one netizen:

“If you take up Singapore citizenship, it is ridiculous after getting your passport to say that your heart is not here.”

Another added wryly:

“If the reverse happened, this would be seen as treason by China people. Maybe they (the Chinese government) might even catch him and shoot him.”

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