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“Use Someone More Popular”: Singaporeans Mock Scammers for Using PM Lee’s Image in Scam Ad

Scammers who used Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s image on advertisements to promote crypto scams have been mocked by Singaporeans.

Singaporeans have found the use of PM Lee’s image pretty hilarious, and probably not the best strategy for targeting Singaporeans.

Said Jenny Tay:

“You advertise give one chicken wing take back one whole chicken, who will buy?”

Said Felix Ho:

“Only 61 percent of Singaporeans voted for the PAP in the last General Election. The scammers are better off using a more popular figure than Lee Hsien Loong.”

Another netizen, Tony Li said:

“Use someone we actually trust lah. Even Low Thia Kiang or Kumar also better.”

PM Lee said in a Facebook post on Saturday (22 Jul) that:

“If the ad uses my image to sell you a product, or asks you to invest in some scheme, or even uses my voice to tell you to send money, it’s not me.”

He referenced an advertisement which showed a fake CNA report titled “Special Report: Lee Hsien Loong’s latest investment has the Government and big banks terrified”.

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