Victor Lye Hits Back at Critics Who Flamed Him for Bedok Fire “Wayang”


Potential PAP General Election candidate for Aljunied GRC Victor Lye has slammed critics for criticising his visit to a fire incident scene at Bedok.

Mr Lye had posted pictures on Facebook, showing him at a fire case there and checking on the affected resident.

But the post didn’t go down well with residents, with many flaming him for putting up a show.

In response, Mr Lye said,

“For me, the focus should be on the people who are affected by the fire incident. That’s why we made the effort. Yet, the naysayers completely missed the point. Having let the comments run, it tells the truth about the intent of those who fail or refuse to care, but only to rouse and divide. Let fair minded people see the kind of heartless commentary clearly for themselves.”

Mr Lye had said in his original post that he:

“Received news of a fire at Blk 723 Bedok Reservoir Road while I was speaking to residents at Blk 704 Bedok Reservoir Road. Rushed over and met the owners to offer assistance. Glad that no one was hurt and property was secure. Thanked the neighbour who alerted the civil defence and checked on the neighbours upstairs. Thanks to our civil defence officers too.”

However, his Facebook post was shot down by many netizens.

Said Qaz Fanaz:

“Regardless of whether you’re a PAP or opposition supporter , I believe the altercation in this comment link focuses on the credibility of his act of community bonding. Some question the actual candid-ness of his pictures whilst others question whether it was all one big show. But regardless, one must understand that if you have done what needs to be done, and out of your own accord , recognition will be given. There will be no need to solicit it. Humility is always mentioned in leadership talks and books . Perceived narcissistic post and pictures in this post further fuels the fire on a already burning political facade associated with political parties . ‘A good deed dies when it is spoken about’ – Arab proverb -“

Benny Kwang said:

“VL – we are only voting for some true gentlemen . Not some drama mama or someone with the characteristic of a “wet market petty woman ” picking on irrelevant issue.”

And others like Chee Hao Lim seconded the opinion:

“I don’t see the need to post the good things you have done. if it comes from the heart it comes from the heart, you don’t have to have a facebook post for it. People that are touched by you would do that for you.”

However, some such as Muhd Rifae have stuck up for Mr Lye:

“Victor Lye…plz dont u waste yr bloody time on these group of ppl.Like i told u,they hav been quiet for the past years about u till election is round the corner. There will always b haters trying to discourage u…just do what u need to do sir.At least u didn’t walk with a donation tin around.”



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