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[VIDEO] Ang Moh Pedestrian Smashes Side Mirror of Car that Didn’t Stop and Give Way to Him


This ang moh pedestrian was allegedly so incensed with a driver who didn’t stop to give to him that he smashed the side mirror of the driver’s car.

The incident took place last Friday (6 Jul) at about 5.45pm at Commonwealth Avenue.

Said driver Donnie Chan:

“Ang Moh caused damage to my car side mirror by hitting it hard, unhappy that my car did not give way for him to cross the road. The road is not even a zebra crossing at the first place (the rest of the pedestrians stopped when my car was approaching, except him). When confronted he turned and walk back towards me but immediately shy away when saw my phone snapping photo at him.”

According to the Road Traffic Act, pedestrians not crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing must give way to vehicles.

Which is kind of common-sense unless you’re immune to damage caused by bulky, fast-moving metallic objects.


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