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[VIDEO] Car Drives in Opposite Direction of Traffic to Overtake Bus and Almost Kills Motorcyclist

To save a few minutes of time, this car drove against the flow of traffic and almost ended up killing a motorcyclist!

The incident happened along the Braddell flyover en route to Toa Payoh.

The driver tried to overtake an SBS bus on a single-lane road, and cut to the opposite lane.

With that move, the driver almost crashed into a motorist, but managed to swerve in time to avoid a collision.

(Video courtesy: Beh Chia Lor/Akkie Deschanel)
Said the motorcyclist Akkie Deschanel, who’s lucky to escape with his life:

“Driver in red plate black mitsubishi lancer crossed the double white lines on the flyover, was on the phone and drove against the flow of traffic almost hitting me on my motorcycle while trying to overtake an SBS Transit bus.

I would like to make a police report but I am unable to see the car’s license plate through the video on my gopro.

However I understand that at the side of the flyover by the railings there is a camera, as well as a camera on board the SBS bus.

I hope that the license plate can be captured from these cameras and any help given to me would be appreciated as it will greatly aid me in lodging a police report against the reckless driver.”

Akkie is hoping that anybody with information on the incident can drop him a message so that the driver faces due punishment.

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