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[VIDEO] Driver of Singapore-Registered Car Caught Stealing Plants in Malaysia


The driver of a Singapore-registered car has been caught stealing potted plants in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

CCTV footage showed the driver, a young gentleman, looking around suspiciously for some time as he stood next to a row of potted plants that were placed on the road next to a pavement.

The driver then picked up one of the plants, put it in the back seat of his car, and drove off.

The incident, according to the CCTV footage timestamp, took place yesterday (17 May).

Said Alex Chong, who shared the video footage of the incident:

“Aiya even if you like the flowers also don’t need to do this nonsense at 6am. Drive a car all the way here to do this. If you really like the flowers, we can give you the address where you can buy them, or you can ask us to give them to you as a gift. Don’t need to embarrass yourself. Remember you are driving an expensive car and ‘face’ is also ‘expensive’. The pot of plants won’t even cost one hundred Singapore dollars.”

Chong added:

“If you can afford to drive a car in Singapore, you can’t be that poor right…”

Some have speculated that the driver could have been a Malaysia native using a fake Singapore-registered car plate to mask his trail.

Others say that Singaporeans must be really hard up if they can’t even afford to buy and grow their own plants.

Another Malaysia native, Belinda Lee, shared this picture above, saying that some crook has also been stealing her plants.

It’s uncertain whether that crook drove a Singapore-registered car too.



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