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[VIDEO] Driver Refuses to Give Way to Ambulance and even Complains about Ambulance to Traffic Police!

Chinese have a lot of sayings lah, but there’s one particular saying that seems to apply in this instance: “The wicked person has started complaining first.”

A driver recorded his encounter with an ambulance and sent an angry complaint letter to the traffic police accusing the ambulance driver of driving recklessly.

The only problem is, the video captures him failing to give way to the ambulance, first when it was reversing out from a car park, and next when it was travelling on the main road.

The driver can even be heard cursing and swearing at the ambulance.

<Video courtesy: Beh Chia Lor>

It remains to be seen whether authorities will take the ambulance driver to task, or slap the driver with a fine and demerit points for failing to give way to emergency vehicles.

Till then, here’s the angry complaint letter written by our next Ch**bye Driver of the Year nominee for 2016.

“Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to report an incident happened today on 298c compassvale street hdb premises at the pick up shelter , I was travelling along the lane straight passing through the shelter of blk 298c compassvale street when the above said ambulance SKN8703Z suddenly was reversing his way out from the shelter using the wrong way instead of front out , he tried to reversed out using the opposite direction traffic flow recklessly and dangerously failing to look out for pedestrians or oncoming traffic , he reversed out from minor road to major road suddenly dashed out into my lane without checking out for oncoming traffic , I horned to warn him of apporaching but he continued to reversed and even almost causing an accident and even horned back in retaliation . he still continue to reversed into me resulting me to swerve right and jam brakes to avoid a collision.luckily there was no car or motorcycle travelling along side with me i feared for the pedestrians crossing the road behind him as the results would be disastrous. and like as if trying to cause an accident.

After that in the main road he chased and followed me as seen in the video provided . and as we stopped at the traffic light . he wind down the window and gestured at me , when i wind down the window, He claimed that he was in the emergency and retorted that I should give way to him even if he reversed without checking blind spot or failed to check for oncoming traffic. There was no siren or urgency when the whole incident happened and I am very sure he made it up saying it was an emergency vehicle. I wonder if it was an emergency he still would have the time to tailgate and follow me and even later argued with me over the incident if he was really in an emergency.

This driver of the ambulance is very reckless and dangerous driver ,inconsiderate and unmindful of his road manners and display road bullying behavior . He is not fir to serve the public with his disgusting ethics and driving behavior . He has also commiting an offence.I have recorded his actions on my driving recorder and uploaded to the email attachment.

I am totally disgusted with his actions and dangerous driving. He has totally have no regard for safety and also violated traffic rules and regulations. Endangering other motorists behind him and also causing distress and alarm towards me. his road and driving manners and ethics should be dealt with severely. please look into the video using a driving DV recorder provided at the time and take the appropriate action against this dangerous and inconsiderate.”

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