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VIDEO: “Drunk Foreigner” Tries to Scam PHV Driver and Gets Away without Paying Fare

A poor PHV driver was just damn suay to encounter this man who he called a “drunk foreigner” one night in August.

The man tried to pay his S$19 fare with 2000 rupees which works out to about S$41, which sound like quite a good deal.

But here’s the catch – the rupee notes were in denominations of 500 and 1000, and these notes aren’t legal tender in India anymore as of Nov last year, so good luck getting them changed at a money changer!

You can hear the exasperation of the PHV driver in this video uploaded by Uber Trooper on Sunday (17 Sept).

Long story short, the PHV driver picked up the “drunk foreigner” at around 3am and was supposed to drop him off at Geylang.

Nearing his drop-off location, the “drunk foreigner asked the PHV driver to stop at an ATM machine so he can draw money to pay for the fare.

But when he came back, he said he had no money and asked to pay in rupees.

That’s when the PHV driver lost it and told him to get off because he had another booking.

He yelled at the “drunk foreigner to “F*cking get out. Before I call the police you get out. Get Out!”

In the end, the “drunk foreigner escaped with a free ride.

PHV drivers (and taxi uncles too), beware!



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