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[VIDEO] LTA Officer Suspended for Violent Attack on Uber Driver

The Land Transport Authority has suspended an LTA officer who was caught in the act punching an Uber driver, and kicking him after he collapsed on the ground.

The incident happened last night at the taxi drop-off point at Bugis Junction.

According to Amber Pek, who recorded this video and was the passenger of the Uber driver, the LTA officer had acted in a confrontational manner towards the Uber driver.

A scuffle between the two men followed, after the LTA officer punched the Uber driver in the stomach.

The two men were still going at each other, even as a passer-by stepped in to break up the fight.

The LTA is investigating the incident.

This is how Amber described the events:

“So today is my first time riding with Uber and I witness a LTA officer beating up the Uber cab uncle. I’m sharing this as I felt this was an abuse of power from the LTA officer. His actions were absolutely outrageous and unacceptable. Using violence on an old uncle and kicking him even when he’s on the ground.

I called for a Uber car to pick me up at bugis junction Victoria street taxi stand. I did not know only taxis were allowed to turn in. However when I was waiting for my Uber car to arrive, I saw this LTA officer standing at the turning in point, scolding and chasing cars away. He was not friendly at all and was shouting at the cars in a rude manner. Naturally I quickly went to the entry point when my uber car came and told the officer I called for this uber cab ride and that he’s just turning in to pick me up like normal on call cabs.

The LTA officer then proceeded to scold the uber driver in a rude way saying he’s gonna give him a warning and why can’t he read only taxi is allowed to enter?

Uber driver to officer: ” My passenger requested for pick up at the taxi stand. What should i do?”
Lta to uber :”tell ur passenger to go to the other side! Can’t your passenger walk?! You wanna talk back now? I warning you and you want to talk back?! I’m gonna report you!” (Yes he was shouting)

LTA officer then begun to block the car taking photos. The uber driver drove in the taxi stand, got down the car and gave the LTA officer his NRIC telling him just take down his details. The officer then continued shouting and said the uncle was harassing him. The uncle got back in the car and the LTA officer started to gesture big actions and started taking photos again. The uber uncle got down again and asked again if he wants all his details. The lta officer begin to become aggressive, shouting hokkien vulgarities saying he don’t mind losing his job. Then he threw the first punch at the Uber uncle. You guys can see the rest from the video that both times the LTA officer threw the first punch and proceeded to kick the old uncle when he fell to the ground.

Despite all these and his bleeding injuries, the uber uncle told me “xiao mei it’s ok let’s go uncle send you. Uncle old already aiyo my teeth dropped out.” I felt so pained seeing his face filled with blood. I kept apologizing as I didn’t know cars were not allowed. He just assured me it’s okay and told me not to worry. I gave him my contact and would like to thank him for sending me to my destination safely. I’m currently in contact with his son should he need further assistance because they are at TTSH at the moment.

Ps: I didn’t dare to get out of the car because I felt very threatened by the LTA officer and I felt very helpless but am glad someone tried to stop the fight. Thankful for the kind souls.”



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