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[VIDEO] Maid Kicked My 2-Year-Old Daughter while She Was Happily Eating Dinner!

A man has accused his maid of abusing his daughter by kicking her for no apparent reason.

Christopher Sun says that his 2-year-old daughter was having dinner when his maid suddenly attacked her.

You can see that at 17″ in this video.


Said Christopher:

“My daughter is merely 2 yrs old, how can a maid do such things to her? Happily having her dinner, unknowingly out of nowhere a sudden kick from her had landed my Mikayla’s head hit hard on the floor. That impact is totally undescribable from me. I was totally heart broken when I saw my maid doing that to my daughter. Personally I wont even lay a hand on my princess, until someone else actually did it. It just broke my heart too much”

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