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[VIDEO] Man Scratches other Driver’s Car over Parking Dispute

Two drivers, one parking lot, and none willing to give way. A dispute broke out over that precious space at Whampoa Market near to Block 88 last Friday. Subsequently, the driver of the grey SUV gave up trying to claim the lot and drove off. But, not without exacting some revenge.

Apple Seed, who posted this video online, said:

“Waited for a parking lot and SKD245J came later wanting to take the lot. But I didn’t give in to him so he must be very angry. Three minutes after parking, my car was intentionally scratched by someone with a bunch of keys in his left hand. The walking path is just two cars away so the person had purposely walked past my car to scratch it. Everything has been captured by my car camera.”

A police report has been made regarding the incident.

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