[VIDEO] Myanmar Maid Clawed from the Brink of Death by Employer and Cops


This 24-year-old maid from Myanmar had locked herself in a room by accident while cleaning the house.

Panicking, she attempted to climb out of the bedroom window to the main corridor and enter her unit.

Her employer, who saw her from the main corridor quickly gestured for her to walk towards her, possibly wondering what the hell this crazy woman was up to.

You know, because it’s not every day that your maid pulls such death-defying stunts!

The incident took place at about 8am yesterday (6 Dec) at a 5th floor HDB flat unit at Block 241 Bukit Panjang Ring Road.

Barefoot and holding on the bedroom window and grilles for support, the inches slowly across the ledge to her employer.

But one mis-step left her hanging off the corridor railing with her feet dangling in the air.

Luckily her employer is there to grab on to her arms.

Another policeman and neighbour also grab hold of the maid and together they pull her to safety.

No one needed to be hospitalised following the incident.

But we imagine several sleepless nights ahead.



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