[VIDEO] Netizen Flamed for Trying to Shame Police Officer who Beat Red Light

In today’s “social media society”, being a policeman is difficult lah – matas are getting eyeballed for whatever they do.

Take this chap, Minghui Ming, who tried to shame a mata chia that turned on its siren and beat a red light.

Posting a video online, Minghui said sarcastically, “mr officer , rushing to somewhere?”

Now, Minghui said that this is “sg, not philippines” (Filipinos, you can get outraged now) and was adamant that the police officer shouldn’t have beat the red light.

Minghui later revealed that he had edited the video.


Netizens, naturally, weren’t very happy with Minghui.

Kei Joe Wong said this is “Fault finding next level..

Alvis Chung said:

Being a Police in Singapore also difficult. This kind also ppl want to post. u could cost them their jobs. Hopefully next time they are not attending to your family emergency.

Said Simon Loo:

“I think they have right to do so

Clarence Tay was a little more level-headed:

“Police vehicle can beat red light legally .What is wrong ? But he supposed to on the blinker to warn other road users.”

Emergency vehicles usually switch on their siren and blinkers if they beat red lights.

But has the attempt to shame a police officer who could be attending to an emergency cross the line?
What’s your thoughts?

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