[VIDEO] Onlookers Enjoy Generous Display of Buttocks and Cleavage as 4 Women Slug It Out Along Sims Avenue

Shoving, yelling, dragging, hair-pulling – all the elements of a classic catfight!

These 4 women were seen slugging it out along Sims Avenue, much to the bemusement of onlookers.

And naturally, there were many onlookers given the amount of butt-cheek and cleavage on display as the young ladies threw caution to the wind.

The brawl took place across the extreme right lane of the road, and onto the pavement near 122 Sims Avenue.

One man was seen trying to stop the catfight.

He even helped the ladies pick up their stuff that was strewn on the road.

It’s uncertain why the fight started, but for the crowd gathered it sure looked like a good round of entertainment.


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