VIDEO: Public Shaming over MRT Priority Seat for the Sake of Showing Off, Boleh?

It appears that a man has tried to show how “man” he is by filming himself confronting a woman for sitting in a priority seat on the MRT.

The man even had his friend film the whole confrontation, seemingly so he could upload it and show how garang a fella he is.

At the start, you can hear him saying,

“Excuse me,” he began. “Your leg injured, you got baby, you’re pregnant or your leg injured or what?”

After the lady replied in something we can’t really hear in the video, the man continues, saying:

“No, right? Give people, old people a seat ah.”

Then, the video turns to slow-mo, with the garang fella’s voiceover.

He obviously feels very proud of himself for his chivalrous conduct in the face of extreme adversity.

But this kind of public shaming for the purpose of showing off, boleh ah?



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