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[VIDEO] “Racer” Motorcylist Hit and Killed by Car who thinks this is “his Grandfather’s Road”


This motorcyclist was waving through traffic on a road near Bedok MRT station like it was a race track, when he met his match in a car driver who thought this was his grandfather’s road and could suka suka just change lane.

The car driver can be seen in the video changing lanes from the middle and trying to enter a turning on the left.

That’s when the driver hit the motorcyclist, who was travelling on the extreme left lane at the time.

The incident happened on Sunday (15  May) at about 5.30pm.

The impact sent the motorcyclist and his bike flying.

The bike hit two pedestrians and injured them.

The motorcyclist, a 19-year-old, was rushed to Changi General Hospital but died from his injuries.

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