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[VIDEO] Sotong Driver Drives Against Direction Traffic during Peak Hour

When the gahmen tells you to work smart and think out of the box, it doesn’t mean that you must go against the grain every single damn time – especially on the road, like this bugger!

The sotong driver was spotted driving against the flow of traffic at Toa Payoh last Monday at about 9.40am (which you might recognise as within the peak hour time of 7am to 10am).


It’s unclear if the driver was deliberately giving the middle finger to traffic rules, or was just being stupid.

You can see at around the 48” how two drivers drove past the sotong and were probably confused as to whether they were driving on the right side of the road.

Fortunately for other road users, the sotong driver entered a carpark, made a turn, and drove on the correct side of traffic after exiting the car park!




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