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[VIDEO] Spitting Match Erupts at between Customer and Sim Lim Square Ah Beng

A dispute at Sim Lim Square between a store salesman and what looks to be an angry customer escalated into a spitting match!

As her husband stands in front of the stall, this frenzied woman can be seen seeking helping from the security guard.

When he gives her the “sorry lah can’t do anything” look, the now even more furious woman goes back to the store and confronts the Ah Beng behind the counter.

She makes a spitting sound at him, to which he taunts her.

Then, she really does let leash a wad of spit on him!

Not to be cowed, the Ah Beng spits back at her and threatens to throw a handphone at her.

Fortunately, the security guard and the woman’s husband step in to intervene.

It’s unclear what got the woman so worked up, but some suspect it could because she had been scammed.

Sim Lim Square is a notorious tourist trap, with many complaints received about shops on the mall’s first and second floor.

In 2014, a conman Ah Beng Jover Chew drove a Vietnamese man to his knees.

The man had realised he had been scammed and wanted a refund for an iPhone he had bought but Chew wouldn’t give him one.

Chew was later jailed for cheating offences.

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