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[VIDEO] Work Till You Drop? Taxi Uncle Slogs On Despite Being Barely Able to Walk!

How’s this for “work till you drop”?

This elderly taxi uncle was spotted limping all the way back to his taxi at a petrol station, and mustering whatever strength was left in him to operate the vehicle.

From the video, the taxi uncle is clearly clinging on to a walking stick in order to get walk.

Our longtime contributor, Kev, sent us the video, saying:

“This is a grim reminder of what growing old in Singapore is like. This taxi uncle could be you in the future. We need a more compassionate society, and young people should really be mindful about saving for retirement.”

As it stands, taxi uncles (and aunties and chiobus alike) pay in the region of S$100 a day for rental of their taxis.

They don’t get off days or sick leave.

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