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[VIDEO]Man Tries to Force Open Car Door and Attack Woman Driver because He Couldn’t Cut Queue


In what appears to be a case of road rage gone wrong, this man was caught on camera trying to prise open the door of another car and attack the driver of that vehicle.

Just before that, the man was gesticulating in a threatening manner and appears to be mouthing profanities at the other driver, Crystal Yeo.

Said Yeo:

“Driving for so long time, first time meet this kind of person. What kind of education he had. My kids on board. If u see this video, pls behave yourself. I do believe in KARMA.”


According to Yeo, the man flew into a rage at the Malaysia customs checkpoint.

The man was supposedly hopping mad because she didn’t allow his vehicle to cut in front of hers.

She said that he was driving a Singapore-registered car.

(UPDATE: It turns out the girl who cried wolf distorted her tale about this aggressive uncle to leave out the part where her friend who was driving tried to cut queue and failed, hit the uncle’s car, then flipped him the bird. Read more: Angry Uncle: “I was Framed, the Other Driver Hit My Car and Showed me the Middle Finger!”)


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