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Vietnamese Wife Abandons Singaporean Hubby and 3 Kids After His Business Fails, Then Cancer Strikes..

Wu Yunchong first met his Vietnamese wife 10 years ago at a friend’s wedding.

At that time, he was just embarking on a business venture with his friend into the garment industry.

The pair tied the knot, and she bore him 3 kids.

Things appeared rosy, until Mr Wu’s business was struck with financial difficulties.

After 3 years of operation, it racked up S$30,000 in debts.

Mr Wu had to sell his 3-room flat and move the family into a rental flat.

That’s when she left him and the family, unable to take the hardship.

Mr Wu soldiered on, taking on two jobs to provide for his children.

He worked as a cleaner in the morning, sent his kids to school and back during the day, and after his kids went to bed at night, headed off for his second job as a dishwasher.

Now 44, Mr Wu’s sons are 13 and 10 years old, and his daughter is seven.

Then, cancer struck.

“At first, the doctor thought I had acid reflux and gave me pills to take. After three months, I didn’t feel better so I went to see a specialist and found out it was esophageal cancer. I nearly collapsed when I found out as I was worried about my kids’ future.”

Mr Wu has already had 26 treatments of chemotherapy and four radiotherapy sessions.

His savings are nearly depleted from the treatment fees, though he still has over S$2300 in bills left to pay.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development has been providing financial assistance to Mr Wu since 2012.

He is also receiving help for his medical bills, while the Ministry of Education is helping with his children’s school fees.

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