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Vigilante Distributes 500 Posters in Tiong Bahru Exposing Cheating Couple

Residents at Jalan Membina in the Tiong Bahru area have received a bit of a surprise these past few days.

Posters have been pasted from Blocks 19 to 23, on pillars, lifts and even playgrounds, accusing a man and woman of engaging in an extra-marital affair.

The posters are written in Chinese, and are translated as so:

“Mrs XXX, your husband is having an affair with a married woman behind your back. Please control your husband and stop him from destroying other people’s family. Your husband has often brought her to your home in Tampines and had sex with her. Almost every night, he will meet with her to have drinks. He also meets her at a temple in Jurong on Saturdays.”

“XXX太太, 你的丈夫在你背后和已婚妇女一起偷情。请亲自控制你的丈夫阻止他再破坏别人的家庭。你的丈夫多次将他带回你淡滨尼的家与她做爱。几乎每天晚上都会和她见面喝酒和每星期六在他裕廊的神坛见面。”

The distributor of the poster, a Mr Wang, said he had introduced the “cheating couple”.

He didn’t expect that they would develop feelings for each other and begin an extra-marital affair.

He said that he feels guilty and has spent S$500 buying a printer, printing the posters and distributing them.

Mr Wang said that both the man and woman in the poster are married, but his intention is to expose the man in the affair.



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