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What the Puck! Chicken Seller’s Car Smeared with Dog Sh*t, Attacker Even Offered Joss Sticks

A chicken seller at Sims Vista Market & Food Centre got a rude shock on Sun (19 Nov), after her car became a savage victim of a smear artist.

Mdm Wang was selling chicken at the market when the employee of a neighbouring stall informed hr of the attack.

She rushed to the carpark and saw that the windscreen of her car was smeared with sh*t, together with the windows and even door handles.

What looked to be prayer offerings – joss sticks inserted in an orange, and prosperity cake (fa gao) – were strewn all over the bonnet of her car.

To top it off, the culprit left a note containing a string of vulgarities.

Though she was furious, Mdm Wang called the police and returned to manning her chicken stall so that she wouldn’t lose her income for the day.

A 52-year-old man has been arrested for public nuisance and police investigations are ongoing.

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