“Whistleblower” Accuses Childcare Centre of Abusing Children, Providing Shoddy Living Conditions

A childcare centre located in the River Valley area has been accused of ill-treating the children under its charge.

Children enrolled in the childcare centre are allegedly subject to shoddy conditions.

These images were shared online by a whistlerblower only known as SingaporeTong.

They were accompanied by captions describing the alleged poor living conditions which the children have to put up with.

The whistleblower said that the online expose was prompted by “pity for the children”.

These images and their accompanying captions in Mandarin (translated below) have been shared widely on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

“Child left alone in a crib who shat himself and ate his own faeces”


“Children made to sleep on the floor, with the older and younger children mixed together”

“Milk powder that was brought to the centre by kids dumped when the centre forgot to use it to feed them”

“Poor hygiene conditions, and fruit served to the children have rotted”

“Children made to sit on the floor with no one supervising them”







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