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“Wicked Two-Faced” Maid Viciously Beats Dementia-Stricken Ah Ma 15 Times over a Year

She was frustrated, and so she took it out a poor defenseless 96-year-old Ah Ma who she was supposed to take care of.

For that 25-year-old Indonesian maid Murni was jailed for 10 months.

Over a period of 16 months, Murni physically abused Ah Ma at least 15 times.

She didn’t care that there was a CCTV installed which caught her in the act.

50-year-old Mdm Wang had hired Murni to take care of Ah Ma, her mother, because Ah Ma was suffering from dementia and other health problems.

She said that Murni acted as though she was very fond of Ah Ma at first.

Mdm Wang said Murni was cheerful, liked to sing, watch TV and put on makeup, and didn’t appear to have any psychological problems such as depression.

She also never showed any dissatisfaction with her work, and her only complaint was that her husband was cheating on her back home.

“She said that she was hoping to renew her contract after it expired in 2 years, and said that she was lucky to have found an employer like me”.

Mdm Wang said she gave Murni much leeway at home

“We didn’t interfere when she said she was tired and wanted to rest, or stop her when she was playing games on handphone. We were even worried that she might get bored, so we signed her up for qigong lessons.”

Mdm Wang would find out a year later that Murni was the “most wicked” maid she had ever hired.

Last September, when she checked the CCTV, she got a shock to see Murni ill-treating her mother.

The CCTV was installed to monitor Murni.

Her last maid had brought men home and gotten pregnant so she had to send her home.

This time, she was taking a little more precaution.

What she saw on the CCTV footage was shuddering – Murni wa caught shaking Ah Ma’s head violently and using her right arm to hit her on the head.

More footage of abuse was later uncovered after checking the CCTV footage.

Mdm Wang said that she rushed home to check with her mom if she was alright.

That’s when her mother told her that Murni was “very good to her.

As soon as Murni went for a shower, Mdm Wang told her mother that she was being abused, and that she wanted to send Murni home.

After hearing that, she was surprised to hear Ah Ma say that she had “saved her life”.

Murni apologised for her behaviour when confronted by Mdm Wang and admitted that she had hit Ah Ma.

Mdm Wang later called the police, and the law took care of the Ah Ma abuser.



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