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Wife Bangs Her Husband at Marymount Rd Causing 4-Vehicle Collision


The husband and wife pair had left home together – uncle in his taxi and aunty in her own car.

They were driving along Marymount Rd when they banged each other.

Bang, as in cars langga.

Mr Wong was driving in front of his wife at the time.

He said that he noticed a motorcycle turning into Marymount Rd.

He was driving behind a lorry when he saw it turn left into an adjacent lane, and that’s when he saw the motorcycle in front of him.

Mr Wong couldn’t brake in time and hit the motorcycle.

Mrs Wong, who was following closely behind, also slammed on the brakes.

However her reaction was too late.

She hit the rear of her husband’s taxi, and her jam brake action caused a bus to hit the rear of her car, resulting in an accident involving 4 vehicles in total.


The accident happened yesterday morning at about 6.40am, which is a busy period for traffic along Marymount Rd.

Mrs Wong and the motorcyclist were both injured and sent to hospital.

Police are investigating the incident.



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