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Wife Climbs out of 14th Floor Bedroom Window to Continue Quarrel with Husband

Looks like it isn’t just cats that have 9 lives.

This woman braved a sure-die drop just to get back into the living room of her home to carry on her quarrel with her husband.

The incident took place yesterday at about 10am at Block 180C Marsiling Rd, at a 14th floor flat unit.

24-year-old Mdm Yang was at home when her husband turned up a friend.

The husband and wife pair, who are both deaf and mute, got into a heated argument about their daughter.

Subsequently, Mdm Yang’s husband and his pal shuffled her into a bedroom of the unit and shut the door.

Mdm Yang tried to open the door but found that it was secured.

That’s when braving the wind she climbed out of the bedroom window, walked on the ledge, and managed to climb back into the living room of the house!

Naturally, her husband and friend got a rude shock to see her back in the house, and the husband and wife continued their argument.

Police soon arrived to mediate.

They eventually detained Mdm Yang’s husband and his friend.

Mdm Yang’s husband had reportedly violated a Personal Protection Order which she had taken out against him.

A friend of Mdm Yang and her husband said:

“They have a young daughter. The husband sometimes will set up a stall to sell toys, and the wife just started work as a salesgirl. They don’t earn much, so they always fights because they are worried about how they should raise their daughter.”

He added that her husband said he had put her in the room because she turned violent and started to throw things, and that he didn’t lock her up but only held onto the door handle to keep her inside till she calmed down.


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