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Woman Bitten by Monkey Sees Wound Swell by “Up To 10 Times its Size”

A woman who was bitten by a monkey while on holiday in Bali returned to Singapore with a wound that swelled by “up to 10 times its size”.

She and 4 friends went to the famous famous Ubud Monkey Forest and was bitten by a monkey while trying to touch it.

The woman, frightened by the extent of the swelling, subsequently saw a doctor to get vaccinated for rabies.

This incident was related by one of her friends in the group, Nicole (pictured), who warned Singaporeans in a social media post not to disturb monkeys.

Doctors have warned that while rabies infections normally occur due to bites by wild dogs, there is also some risk from contracting it from wild monkeys.

Monkey saliva contains a large amount of bacteria, and if the wound is not treated promptly, it can become infected and swell up.

Rabies can affect the brain and cause symptoms such as seizures, which can be fatal.

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