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Woman who had Her Virginity Stolen after Rape Suffers Double Blow after Husband-to-Be Dumps Her


“I should not start new life with something negative.”

That heart-breaking line was recalled with great sadness by a 27-year-old Chinese lady who had the misfortune of being rape victim.

Getting dumped by her husband-to-be with such callousness after her virginity was taken by a rapist was a second knife to her heart.

The victim, who will not be named to for privacy reasons, had been living in the second storey of a shophouse in the East with her 75-year-old grandmother.

Each of them had a room of their own, and were barely saving enough money to make ends meet.

On 24 July last year, 30-year-old Mohd Sutarno was out on the prowl, looking for a home to burgle.

He noticed that the victim had left her window open that night, and managed to climb in.

The victim was roused awake by someone shaking her, and she screamed in shock when she saw a figure kneeling by her bedside.

That’s when Sutarno covered her mouth with his hand.

The more the victim struggled, the more force he applied on her.

Then, to make sure she stayed silent, he hit her on the face.

Fearing for her life, the victim closed her eyes and feigned unconsciousness, hoping that the burglar would take whatever he wanted and leave.

But thinking that she was unconscious, Sutarno decided to rape her.

He pulled off her shorts, had sex with her, and ejaculated inside her.

Then, he used her shorts to wipe away traces of semen on her body.

All the while, the victim’s grandmother was sleeping in the room next door.

After he was done, Sutarno took the victim’s handbag and handphone.

He also took her keys which he used to open the main door of the shophouse and leave – but not before taking Ah Ma’s handbag too.

The victim kept silent and continued to lie down for some time, afraid that he would return.

When she was sure that the coast was clear, she went on Facebook and asked a friend for help
The friend called the police after receiving her message.

The victim said that she had been dating someone for 2 years and they were discussing marriage.

But in cruel fashion, he dumped her after the incident.

Sutarno was today jailed for 21 years and given 18 strokes of the rotan after being convicted for rape, housebreaking and drug-related charges.



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