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Woodlands Park Connector to Nowhere: Town Councils Fight to Out-Gabra One Another

A park connector in Woodlands has got the public scratching their heads as to where they should be connected to.

That’s because, well, just look at the picture lah!

A barricade has been placed in the middle of the path, effectively sealing it off from all who dare thread further.

Some have joked that it’s a deliberate attempt by the Town Council to encourage exercise – in the form of parkour (sometimes known as an “anyhow climb her climb there” sport).

Others say it could be part of the testing phase for Ms Denise Phua’s “fence up parts of Little India from the walking time-bombs” proposal.

Strange barricades like this park connector could be a contest between town councils across Singapore to out-gabra each other.

In Queenstown, we’ve seen barricades put up to stop the community from using empty void deck spaces, when empty void deck spaces are meant for residents to mingle.

Elsewhere in Bedok, a ramp was blocked off with concrete barricades to make it difficult for those on 2 wheels to use it, effectively making it impossible for wheelchair-bound individuals to use it too – which was the whole purpose of the ramp in the first place.

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