Yishun Angry Wife Cuts Herself more than 30 Times while Dangling from 11th Floor Parapet


In a span of about 2 hours, this Yishun angry wife cut herself more than 30 times on her arms and legs.

All this, while dangling from the 11th floor parapet of Block 289 Yishun Avenue 6.

The incident took place yesterday at about 2.30pm.

When police and SCDF officers tried to approach her, she waved the knife she was holding at them and aggressively told them to back off.

An eyewitness said that the woman, 45-year-old Cai Li Li, had a heated quarrel with a man believed to be her husband.

She then mounted the parapet and sat there cutting herself while screaming from time to time.

Despite the rain, SCDF officers set up a safety net and subsequently swooped down and rescued Mdm Cai.

Dozens of self-inflicted cut marks on her arms and legs were seen when she was being put in an ambulance.

A kitchen knife estimated to be 20cm long was retrieved from the scene by police investigators.

Investigations are ongoing.



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