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Yishun Kopitiam’s Foreign Legion of Beer Girls Accused of “Rubba Rubba”Action with Ah Peks

It’s accepted practice that beer girls sit down and chit chat with uncles who lim jiu at kopitiams so they can make these gentlemen happy and in the process sell more beer.

But things start to get out of hand when there’s more than words going on.

Some Yishun residents report that beer girls at the kopitiam at Yishun Block 744 have reportedly been having a little “rubba rubba” (getting touchy-feely) have the Ah Peks there, then asking for tips after that.

One  resident said the kopitiam has 4 beer girls – one from Vietnam, one from the Philippines, and two from China.

The beer girls are usually seen in sexy skin-tight dresses which barely cover their buttocks.

It’s unclear if the kopitiam is aware of such activities, or whether it allows the beer girls to have a free hand in how they tease out more tips for themselves.




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