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Yishun Landlord Pulls Knife on Tenant and Asks Him to Stab Her, Calls His Boss to Stir Trouble

Another day, another siaolang from Yishun it seems.

This time, a tenant who rented a room in a Block 506B Yishun Ave 4 HDB flat unit says that his landlord sprung several unpleasant surprises on him during his stay.

The tenant moved into the flat on 16th July this year.

However, he was unexpectedly asked to move out at the end of July.

When he asked the landlord for a return of his deposit, she pulled a kitchen knife and told him

“Why don’t you just kill me?”

Stunned, the tenant retreated and reported the matter to the police a day later.

Eventually, he got his deposit back and moved out.

But things didn’t end there.

The tenant provided personal details, including the firm he was working at, on the tenancy agreement.

His boss received a call from the landlord complaining about his character and asked that he be fired.

Fortunately, his boss wasn’t upset and paid no heed to the siaolang.

According to the landlord, the tenant was evicted because of poor hygiene practices.

Apparently, this isn’t the first complaint about the landlord.

Another tenant, 21-yeard-old Yang rented a room after the incident.

He said he was evicted within a day, after paying the booking fee.

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