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“You Can Tahan My Hardness…”: Mom-Of-Two Catches Hubby Having a Fling, Publicly Spites Him


This mother-of-two caught her hubby and having a fling with what Chinese call a “Little Three” aka third-party (or Singaporeans call a “B2”) and took to social media to publicly spite the both of them.

Shannelle Teo apparently chanced upon her hubby’s Telegram messages on his handphone, which revealed too much detail about their affair.

Among the topics discussed: menstruation sex, backdoor sex, past flings, and how they should meet up to do the naughty.


Shannelle also found this picture of her husband in bed with B2.


What’s possibly most heart-breaking for the mom-of-two is her husband’s “admission” that the kids were an unplanned for mistake.

But then again, according to him, that’s life.


The most prolific extra-marital affair in recent times was that of former PAP MP for Bukit Batok SMC David Ong.

The married Amorous Botak slept with a grassroots volunteer, who had volunteered together with her husband on his 2015 General Election campaign trail.

Ong and the PAP have never confirmed nor denied the extra-marital affair, though Ong subsequently resigned when the news of the affair was made public.



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