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“You Horn Me? I XXXX You”: Horning Incident Leads to Car Chase and Confrontation

A simple sounding of a car horn can apparently antagonise some drivers to the point of violence.

The driver who took this snapshot of a red car claims the other driver was so pissed off he followed him into a shopping mall car park and almost started a fight.

The driver says he was driving in Jurong East, when he stopped behind the red car at a traffic light.

When the traffic light turned green, the red car still didn’t move, so he sounded his horn.

The red car still didn’t budge, so he cut into the right lane and overtook the car.

Apparently, those moves angered the driver of the red car.

Upon entering the car park of a shopping mall, the driver says he was shocked to see that the red car was behind him.

He accused the driver of the red car of alighting, approaching him in an aggressive manner, and even trying to open the door of his car.

The driver says he was with his 60-year-old mother at the time, and he resisted confrontation because he was afraid her heart condition might flare up.

He says he has reported the incident to the police.

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