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Zinc Boards Left Precariously on Top of Sloped HDB Flat Blocks because “Raining Workers Cannot Work”

Zinc boards which are part of ongoing renovation works have been left on the roof of several HDB flats in Tampines St 23.

And the reason for this, according to Tampines Town Council, is workers aren’t allowed to move the zinc boards due to rain and strong winds.

But that’s exactly the concern of residents – since the roof is slightly sloped, the zinc boards might just slide down and hit people.

Said a resident, Ms Seow:

“I first saw the boards balanced on the roofs of those flats since after Chinese New Year. I understand renovation works are taking place, but putting the boards on top of the roof is dangerous because they might fall and hit residents.”

Another resident, Mdm Shen, said she’s worried because the area is very windy and a strong gust could cause the zinc boards to come sliding down.

Tampines Town Council said the zinc boards were removed yesterday, however a check today showed that zinc boards were still placed in a similarly precarious fashion on the roofs of 2 blocks of flats – Block 221 and Block 229.

The town council said that from December last year, it has been changing the zinc boards of the roofs of HDB flats in Tampines, from Block 210 to Block 230.

It says the boards that residents see on top of the roof are firmly tied up.

The town council expects the roof works to be completed by July this year



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