Restaurant Accused of Discrimination Against Singaporeans while Pandering to Ang mohs

Xenophobia and hatred happen because local establishments openly discrimate locals while embracing foreigners.

My experience at Singapore Seafood Republic located at Sentosa is one good example.

We made reservations for 4 and asked if we could sit outside. The staff told us upfront that the outside dining seats are only meant for 2 persons.

But the next moment, they make arrangements and immediately sat the pax of 4 walk in ang mohs (whom were right behind of us) at the outside sitting.

When questioned, the waitress was quick to say that “Oh. Its better to sit upstairs. It gets hot outside. We usually let walk in customers take the outside seats. Upstairs seats are better.”

Kudos…Well played Singapore Seafood Republic, well played…
This letter was written by Claire Choo.
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