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Singapore Troops to Fight ISIS Next, Following Iran Oil Rig Clash?

Wake up one morning, scratch backside, then KNN read that a Singapore ship kena fired at by Iranians.

Bloody hell, who won’t stun like vegetables?

Die lah, next NSmen got to go to Middle East and firefight with ISIS.

Or something like that.

Then when look closer, you realise…

-Singapore-flagged commercial ship
-warning shots fired by Iranian patrol boat


-Singapore-flagged ship langga Iranian oil rig and damaged it, to the tune of S$400 mil!
-Iranians want compensation for the damage
-Singapore-flagged ship faster pack up and zhao (short of giving the middle finger)
-Iranians fire warning shots to say “limpeh’s oil rig ah? O$P$” (short of referring to their SG crews’ mother’s nether regions)

Let’s take a look at what headlines made me almost scared shitless during my morning toilet session:



Chee B**.

Realise that somehow all these reports were put up by western reporters, for local media.

Eh, you ang mohs don’t like Iran, that’s your tai chi.

Don’t rope Singapore into this political game.

But wait.

Wah die lah.

Next thing we’ll have a general who kena stun by firecrackers leading NSmen like me into battle against militant who play with guns like they are party poppers.

Die lah.

Actually, no lah, Singapore has always been very diplomatic where all these international issues are concerned.

Now if only there’s a way to stop these ang mohs who like to blow up stuff from blowing up Middle East matters like this to hoodwink us…

And for state media to get their bloody headlines right so I can take a crap in peace!


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