Singapore Zoo Must Clean Up Its Act

Even beh hor buay tahan liao

Even beh hor buay tahan liao

WEE CHIN HAN: Last Thursday, my overseas friend and I visited the Singapore Zoo after 4pm. I knew that the zoo closed at 6pm, but we had no choice as this was the only period I was available.

To my surprise, only one ticket counter was open even though there were at least seven people in the queue.

I waited for almost 15 minutes before it was my turn. When I reached the counter, I was shocked to see three or four staff members milling around, doing nothing to shorten the waiting time.

The person manning the counter said it was the zoo’s policy to shut all but one counter after 4pm to discourage visitors from buying tickets.

I was flabbergasted. Anyone who makes the long journey to Mandai clearly wants to visit the zoo. Instead of helping visitors to maximise the time before the zoo closed, the management did the opposite by making them queue for a long time.

Animal shows and feeding sessions were still going on inside the zoo when we visited. Deliberately curtailing the number of visitors does no justice to the hard work of the zookeepers and show presenters.

Even if the policy works to discourage visitors from buying tickets, what other options do they have? The Night Safari does not open until 7.30pm. Besides, if we had wanted to visit the Night Safari, we would have arrived later.

This letter was written by Wee Chin Han.
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