Singaporean Parking Attendant Repeatedly Punctured Tyres of Filipino Cars over “Lousy” Tips!

redwire-singapore-parking-attendant-puncture-tyresTipped over the edge because his victims weren’t tipping him well enough, this Singaporean uncle in the Philippines has apparently been puncturing the tyres of several cars at a government building car park where he worked as a parking attendant!

Andrei Ong was detained after he punctured the tyre of a female driver, in the latest incident at a local government office in Quezon City last Thurs (19 Nov).

He was angry that she only tipped him a “measly” 20 persos, or S$1.70.

CCTV footage caught Ong in the act.

The 44-year-old was let off with a stern warning by the local government, after the driver decided not to press charges against him.

A co-worker has accused Ong of pulling the same trick on several occasions.

The co-worker said that Ong would use a pin to puncture his victims’ car tyres if they didn’t give him a good tip.

It’s unclear for now what’s considered a “good” tip.

Ong has reportedly been staying in the Philippines for the past 7 years after his passport and other documents were stolen.

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