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Singaporeans Beware: You can Kena Saman for Driving in Slippers in Malaysia!

Singaporeans are a pretty laid back bunch and have no qualms leaving the house in shorts and slippers.

But if you’re driving across the Causeway, be sure to put on a proper pair of shoes!

Because police in Malaysia apparently have no qualms about issuing summons for those who drive in a pair of slippers.

And they don’t give face even if you’re a Malaysian too!

This parking summon was issued to a driver in Petra Jaya, a town in Kuching, Sarawak.

The reason – driving in flip-flops.

Now that’s one less reason to take a spin in those fluffy bunny slippers you stole took from that posh hotel.

Maybe lagi 3 demerit points if they’re hot pink?



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